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We love Kizomba & Semba!

Kizomba & Semba are both african dance and music genres originating from Angola, that charmed thousands of people around the world. We are among them !

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Who are we ?

Paweł started his dancing journey in 2012 in Poland. Two years later he moved to Lisbon to continue his dance career and learn with the best. Till now he lives here and constantly improves his skills under watchful eye of Mestre Petchu. He loves Kizomba, Semba and other dances that come from Africa because they allow him to release emotions in the unique way.

Marly started to dance in her childhood. Just being 8 years old she started to learn about culture, dance and music from her family members inheriting their traditions. As young girl together with her mom she moved to Portugal. After years of practising and learning together with her family and friends, her ginga and style became easily recognizable on the dancefloors of Lisbon.

They started to work together in 2014. Hours of trainings and exhanging knowledge resulted in winning 1st place in AfricAdancar Championship of Portugal in 2015. Passion and engagement in the dance brought them also 2nd place in Kizomba Open World Championship in 2016. Till now they enjoy teaching and being invited to many dance festivals in the world.

Pawel & Marly kizomba dancers
Regular kizomba classes with Paweł & Marly

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If you want to feel some positive energy, and see us in action you can find us in HAWAII club, in Docas de Alcântara, where we give Regular and Private kizomba classes.

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AfroImbambas !

Do you like to be different? You are in good place! AfroImbambas is our newest project where you can get the highest quality african prints brought straight from Angola! We have over sixty different patterns and other accessories such as headbands and earrings. Find something for yourself!

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Find where to dance Kizomba in Lisbon

Where to dance in Lisbon ?

We like to go to the places with great ambience and good music. As Lisbon serves you almost all the flavours of the african parties, we follow those which fits our actual mood, which usually leads us towards the places that represent truly African flavour !

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